iTouch the only Smart Faucet government approved under pace program


US Patented

Smart Faucet Control Savings System 


What is iTouch Faucet?

The iTouch Faucet is an electronic touchpad control system that is manufactured & Patented in the US. PATENTED #7766026.


iTouch Features a Preset Programmable Temperature/Timer that can save up to 90% Water, Gas, Electric water heating costs.
Additional BENEFITS:

1. Electronic Touchpad uses Smartphone Touch Technology  and is Convenient  & Sanitary.       

No More Adjusting Faucet Handles -- Saving Time, Effort, Water, Gas & Electricity.

2. Versatile -- EZ Installation Retrofits & Replaces the old tech Faucet Handles. 

iTouch can be Attached to Most Faucet Designs (Showers. Bathtubs, Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks)
Therefore Retaining or Matching  with Your Original Faucet Design.

3. iTouch has Four (4) Preset Temperatures - Hot, Warm, Warmer, Cold. 

Saves Time & Effort adjusting Water Temperature -- Sanitary--Convenient-- Saves Precious Resources Water, Gas, Electric power.  ​

4. TOUCH Sensitive Control Pad -- No more Guessing (like Infrared/ Motion Sensor system)
Produces Instant Waterflow and Cut Off time is programable.

Prevents overflow & Mold issues - Extremely Reliable, Durable, EZ Maintenance 


About iTouch


iTouch Winner Best Faucet Design Award BDWEST 2015. Features preset Temperature & Timer. US Made Patented iTouch Technology.

DIY/Easy installation electronic touch-pad faucet control system can be retrofitted to most current faucet designs, for sinks, showers, bathtubs and kitchens. Manufactured in the US with strict compliance and proven reliability.  


Huge Savings for Hotels, Motels, Apartments, Hospitals, Restaurants Retirement Homes, Cruise Ships & other Multi-Room dwellings.

Reliable & durable. Stops water & power wastage. Now with Approved Government Section 179 tax benefits plus Pace Funding makes the iTouch technology very affordable or at zero cost to multi-room dwellings. 

Easy install & retrofits to most existing faucet designs. 


Why iTouch?

21st Century Smart Faucets are Here! 

With so many reasons now, to replace your older high maintenance faucet handle design, why wouldn't you install iTouch, and start saving immediately? 

iTouch Saves up to 90% in Water & Power wastage, multiply that daily, weekly, monthly... it adds up to amazing cost savings and tax benefits.

New construction or retrofitting older buildings, iTouch saves money. 

iTouch could cost you nothing with Government funding? 

Contact us today for a no obligation demo & saving evaluation, for Hotel, Motel, Apartment Complex or other Multi-Room buildings. 

We Offer Pace Green Equipment Financing for Businesses.  

Smart Energy Savings using iTouch Technology

Water and Energy Savings

The iTouch smart electronic faucet control system, has been proven to provide savings in water, electric & gas making it an easy choice for smart businesses to implement. Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Apartment Complex and other multi room dwellings are the perfect place for iTouch to provide huge money saving benefits. 

It is generally accepted that it costs about $15 to heat 1,000 gallons of water. 

Note: The exact amount will depend on the efficiency of your water heater, whether you use gas or electric & exactly what your electric or gas costs are. 

With iTouch installed, your monthly bills will reduce dramatically.