iTouch the only Smart Faucet government approved under pace program



US Patented Technology Patent No. 776-0266

US Patented Technology Patent No. 776-0266

US Patented Technology Patent No. 776-0266US Patented Technology Patent No. 776-0266US Patented Technology Patent No. 776-0266

Smart Faucet Control Savings System 

award winning green TEChNOLOGY - help SAVE up to 90% water!


               The all new 21st century faucet is finally here, with so many government incentives to replace your existing high maintenance faucets. 

It's time to replace and change your old fashion handle faucets

             to this all new smart faucet of the future & start saving immediately. 


- ZERO MONEY out of pocket (Government Pace Financing)

- $200 Tax credit per unit installed (Section 179)

- Hotel Green Tax Fee (Additional Revenue) 

- Save money on water, gas, electric and paper towels

- Eco-friendly

-Attracting more millennial and environmentally conscious customers 

                          means increased revenue

ITOUCHFAUCETS is a smart faucet that uses an electronic touchpad

                            to replace your existing faucet handles      

                             with preset touch temperature & timer


            No more pulling handles to adjust water temperature 

                                        - Sanitary & convenient         

                              Save up to  90%  water, gas, electric and paper towels                                                                                  


iTouchfaucets special features


Preset Touch Temperature & Timer

1. Preset Touch Temperature -No more pulling of handles

                                            to adjust water temperature


                                 -Save time & energy                                                                                                                            -Sanitary & convenient

(Can be touched with a knuckle)

2. Preset Timer - Helps shut off water when not necessary

            ex. when brushing your teeth & shaving

This can help save up to 90% water, gas, electric and

 paper towels 



3. iTouchFaucets can be a Retrofit

Attach to 

Most Existing Faucet Designs for

Bathroom Sink, Kitchen Sink,

 Showers & Bathtub 


iTouchFaucets - Lab Tested for 1 Million Cycles - (30 years if used 100 Times a Day)

This means 30 years lifespan if used 100 times a day 


Zero or No maintenance

(Unlike motion sensor or infra-red faucets that require engineers time for constant 

cleaning & maintenance)


Smart Energy Savings using iTouch Technology


Why is ITOUCHFAUCET better than Motion Sensor Faucets?

Unlike the motion sensor faucets, which often fail

as the electronic eye vision gets blurred with soap suds 

and require regular high maintenance costs...

iTouchFaucets uses an electronic touchpad that can be wiped off easily with tissue paper

saving tons of maintenance cost and money.