iTouch the only Smart Faucet government approved under pace program

itouch features & benefits

Savings & Sanitary



1. Adjustable Touch Timer - Temperature control module  1.a. Saves water, gas, electricity on every use. 

No more adjusting of Handles  b. Sanitary - Can be touched with your knuckle.

2. Touch Timer 2a. Can save up to 90% water, gas by cutting off 

water supply when not necessary ex. Brushing your teeth or shaving.

3. Retrofit 3a. Most existing Faucet designs to replace handles and convert to green savings.

4. Custom Design  

4,a With Hotel Name & Logo to match color Décor of Bathroom

5. Durability & Reliability  

5a..Lab tested & certified by IAPMO for 1 million Cycles without failure (ie 30 years if used 100 Times a day

6. Government Funded using 

6a. Can be Zero cost with Savings on   Water, Gas

7. Tax Credit up to $340 per 

7a. Building Owners can increase Profits   !st year

Unit installed of   installation

8. Green Technology means 

8a. Increases Profits & Property Value

9. Smart Millennium Faucets 9a. Attracts New Millennium customers and helps increase Profit and Revenues.

iTouch Faucets