iTouch the only Smart Faucet government approved under pace program

iTouchFaucets (iTF)

Eco Friendly Smart Faucet!

Uses an electronic touch pad to replace your existing faucet handles for your bathroom sink, kitchen sink, shower, & bathtub.

itouchfaucets CES video

Check out this great video showing the iTouch benefits...

Big Savings for Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Apartments


Go Green with iTouch

iTouch electronic touch-pad controller is the future and it is here now! 

If you own or build "multi-room dwellings" you should check into the amazing benefits of installing iTouch water/power savings system in your hotel, motel, apartment complex or other building.

Also you can now get government financial support for using iTouch "GREEN TECHNOLOGY" which is the only approved US made and patented system. 

iTouch invitation to showcase our Systems Benefits

Please allow us 1 hour of your valuable time, it will be well worth it! 

Once you see how simple and effective the iTouch system is, you will be happy that you asked for a demo. You will be amazed by how simple the installation is for new or existing faucets. 

iTouch can be easily retrofitted to most existing faucets already in use. 

Immediate savings on daily usage of water and power quickly recovers the cost of the iTouch control system. The system replaces old technology faucet handles therefore reducing maintenance costs to zero.

Customizable Touch-Pad Display

Hotel and other business owners can order customized touch-pads, advertising your name or logo to your customers. The iTouch provides a futuristic look and feel which will elevate the hotels image with a new green millennium type design, all while saving the hotel a lot of money in water/power. 

Promotional Offer

We will install a demo iTouch unit at your hotel or other business at no cost, so you can see the savings that iTouch will provide. We will retro fit to any existing faucet for a thirty day trial to experience the system and savings that iTouch will provide. Contact us today and book a FREE Demo. 

Big News

iTouch is now Government funded for 179 Tax Benefits which is a BIG deal for all iTouch users. We have also obtained Green PACE financing for interested parties so that the costs associated with iTouch installation maybe almost zero or even free.